I have been programming mainly in Python for about 24 years, holding an MSc degree in Computer Science with extensive experience in systems/software development projects:

  • Designed and developed a modern Python based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) featuring a RESTful API Backend Service, a web-based UI (ActionScript) and PostgreSQL database mapped through SQLAlchemy.
  • Design, development and release into production of an OpenAPI RESTful Service written in FastAPI and running in OpenShift (simplified data center operations and eliminated the complexity of managing various infrastructure components).
  • On-premise automation solutions, specifically in patching, configuration & PCIDSS compliance, targeting ~22000 virtual machines and ~11000 ESXi servers. Primarily using Python, Ansible.
  • Carried out data analysis tasks using Jupyter Notebooks which were executed regularly through Jenkins pipelines that generated reports published to a web server to facilitate decision making.
  • Developing Terraform manifests and Jenkins CI/CD pipelines for the provision of virtual machines and other infrastructure on Azure.
  • Designed and implemented a custom Python based system (web frontend/backend) to process and execute SAP transport imports against remote SAP systems.
  • Designed/developed a Python web-based system for publishing statistical reports generated by SAS.
  • As part of my Master Thesis in Domain Driven Design (DDD) I have developed a Read-it-Later self-hosted service in Python using MongoDB as its database.
  • and many more…